The Correct Dimensions For Twitter And Facebook Images

We’ve seen how your posts on social media need to have image content, but to get the most engagement the images need to be sized for the appropriate social media platform, otherwise you’ll get cropping which looks particularly bad (see example below).


There are appropriate image sizes which can be used which will show in people’s feeds without cropping.  They are

Facebook Dimensions

1200 x 1200 pixels

Twitter Dimensions

1500 x 500.

I’d suggest re-sizing your images to each platform as appropriate (as in these examples).

bob-no-crop-1 bob-no-crop-2
Be careful with the Twitter layout as there is a ‘safe’ border area where the image will be cropped.  It’s important not to include text here. These guides show you where they are:


If you have Photoshop, here is a link to a zip with both templates included!