Why Your Album Shouldn’t Be Your Main Focus

Most album release schedules follow this sort of pattern:

First single (taken from the album)
Album release
Second Single
Third Single etc

After the album release the singles ‘call back’ to the earlier album but the issue is the fans are then left with a big long wait until the next album.


People quickly lose interest so its your job to constantly keep their attention.  In his Music 4.0 book, Bobby Owsinski suggests recording fewer songs but having more individual single releases every 6 to 12 weeks (rather than waiting another year for the next album).  The fans are happy as they’re getting a constant stream of new music (rather than a glut all at once) and the songs can still be compiled at the end of a year/creative cycle with acoustic versions. bonus tracks, remixes etc.  This too can be treated as another marketing event.

Try it!

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