Your 2015 Mistakes Can Help You Market Your Music Better In 2016

Before you start your music marketing for 2016, I’m asking you to look back on 2015 and the things that maybe didn’t work out exactly as you hoped they would.

Why?  Well, the idea is that by looking back at your weaknesses you can address them and in doing so improve the marketing of your music in the future.


Before you march into 2016, fix the marketing problems you had in 2015!

As an artist myself, I had the following marketing issues in 2015:

Problem. I didn’t leave enough time effectively promote my album before its release.

Solution: I now know to start several weeks earlier than last year.  It may be necessary to ‘temp master’ the album myself and send that copy off for review rather than wait for the finished copy from the mastering house.

Problem. It took me longer to produce a lyric video than than the main video for a single from the album!

Solution: I know now I need to either simplify my lyric videos or plan a longer production time for them.


Fix those marketing mistakes so they don’t happen again!

Problem I didn’t play as many festivals as I wanted to.

Solution: I’ve created a specific ‘festival mailshot’ to use to target festivals to promote my band in the best possible manner.

Overall, I felt that the single release strategy I used was weak.

Solution: This year, the plan is to release most of the singles PRIOR to the release of the album.  I’ve already released the first and at least two others will follow before the album lands.

Takeaway Tip: By reflecting on your previous mistakes and weaknesses, you can improve the marketing of your music in the future.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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