YouTube Analytics For Bands Part 2: Retention

Yesterday we looked at how to analyse your video views on YouTube so you could see what content gets the most views.  Today we’re going to see how long people engage with that content with Audience Retention data.

How To Access Your YouTube Channel Stats

Log into your YouTube account and hit the ‘Creator Studio’ icon (found in the top right corner), then from your dashboard select Analytics .  Now click Audience retention.


The multi line chart shows the retention length for your five most popular videos over the selected time period (move the sliders to change the date range period).

Below that you have view data for each of your videos.  For me, the most important stat is ‘Average Percentage viewed’.  100% would be nice however thenextweb suggests you should be aiming for an average of 60%.  My band’s videos are a little higher than that so I’m happy however, I’ve noticed that my lyric videos don’t have the same amount of engagement as my full ‘filmed’ videos.  I know now that to keep people hanging around for longer my lyric videos need to be more engaging.