YouTube Analytics For Bands Part 1: Views

We’ve seen how you can use analytics to fine tune your practices with Facebook…today we’ll look at how we can do this with YouTube.  This YouTube produced video gives an overview of YouTube stats.


How To Access Your YouTube Channel Stats

Log into your YouTube account and hit the ‘Creator Studio’ icon, then from your dashboard select Analytics .  Today we’ll look at Views.


Views. This shows you the most popular videos over a user definable time period which you set by dragging the date range sliders.


The multi line view shows your most popular videos on a day by day basis over the selected time period. You can see ‘spikes’ in traffic, useful to see if a particular promo or plug resulted in more views.

The pie chart view is a good pictorial way to see which videos received the most traffic over this time period. Now you can easily see which videos keep bringing in the hits.  If you can spot a trend, consider creating more of those videos.


More on this tomorrow!

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