Facebook Analytics For Bands Part 3

We’ve been looking at how to assess your Facebook analytics.  To finish we’re going to have a look at Posts which gives a few key metrics from the last seven days..   To access it, click your Insights Tab at the top of the page on the desktop version of Facebook.  The Posts tab is the fifth one along

The most important section on this page is ‘When Your Fans Are Online’.  Here we get to see when our potential audience is sat in front of Facebook.  Facebook gives us not only the days of the week but also the times they are online.  


From this graph, Monday seems to be quietest day, with Wednesday being the most popular.  9pm is the time when most of my band’s followers are online…it would make sense therefore to get the biggest possible audience to post around that time (perhaps a little before?) and not at 4 in the morning!  Don’t forget this is just one week so it will be prudent to check out a variety of weeks/months to analyse trends.

Use these stats to find out what works and what doesn’t with YOUR Facebooking!

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