Facebook Analytics For Bands Part 2

Following on from our look at the Analytics Overview page yesterday, we’ll have a look at the Reach page. The Reach page provides a 30 day overview of the penetration of your posts, showing you which posts reached the most people. It defaults to the last 30 days but you can alter the time period to one of your choosing.  To access it, click your Insights Tab at the top of the page on the desktop version of Facebook.  The Reach tab is the third one along. .



The Post Reach graph is what you’re interested in.Here we have a spike around 3 – 6th September so I’m going to click on the 5th of September to see what caused the fuss.


I can now see the all post/s that helped me obtain all that reach. The top two posts had a total reach of 216,000 and my band has less than 30,000 followers.  This allows me to see what content works on Facebook so I can keep doing more of the stuff that works and less of the stuff that doesn’t!  It’s that easy.

We’ll conclude tomorrow!

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