How Much Do You Spend On Marketing Your Music?

Annoyed by the fact that your gigs are poorly attended or that your music doesn’t sell well?  Let me ask you this, how much do you spend on marketing your music?

Most bands don't spend enough on their marketing.

Most bands don’t spend enough on their marketing.

I know what you are thinking: Why do I need to spend ANY money?  Facebook and Twitter are free so I just use those.  Maybe you need to spend a little money in the first instance to receive a lot more back in the long term.

Most businesses spend between 2-10% of their overall expenditure on marketing and promotion, so why don’t bands?  From my experience most bands spend little or even no money…and then wonder why they don’t make any back.. I’m not asking you to bet the farm or anything but think of it not as a cost but as an investment that will reap dividends later.

We’ll discuss what you can spend your money on tomorrow.