How Should You Spend Your Marketing Budget?

We saw yesterday why you should think about spending money on marketing your music, today just a quick look on what that could entail.

Consider spending some money on marketing your music.

Consider spending some money on marketing your music.

You could just choose to spend money just over the life of a campaign (i.e. to help promote an album release or a tour) or you could have a long term strategy spending a little each month to help increase your profile.  The idea is to grow your fanbase and then hopefully receive a new income from those new fans.

Things you may want to investigate include

  • Facebook/Twitter ads
  • Ads in small music magazines or fanzine (online or print)
  • PR/pluggers
  • Gig posters
  • Sponsorship
  • Giveaways (stickers etc)

Rather than spending for spending sake, try and identify a return that you would like from each expenditure (business call this ROI, return on investment). We’ll examine some more of these in detail in a future blog.