Mailing Lists: Why Your Band Should Have One

In some respects mailing lists are the forgotten form of band to fan communication.  Once popular in the noughties before social media came along to rule the roost they’re now coming back into fashion.

Most bands don't have a fan email list and they should.

Most bands don’t have a fan email list and they should.

Why? Well, with social media potentially having quite a limited reach mailing lists offer a great way for artists to reach out and connect directly to fans.  In addition, these fans have ‘opted in’, they are already engaged and want to hear more from you, they are exactly. the fans you need more of. Services like Mailchimp will let you email less than 2,000 subscribers every month for free!  If your band hasn’t got a mailing list well, there’s never been a better time to start and over the next couple of days I’ll offer some tips and suggestions that you should consider.

I’ll throw in one slight caveat, statistically speaking emails can still have quite a limited reach.  Mailchimp quotes email open rates with an average of 22% so don’t expect this one thing alone to boost your marketing exponentially.

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