Mailing Lists for Bands: How To Acquire Fans Email Addresses

So we’ve looked at the benefits of getting a mailing list together and how to chose a mailing list service provider (we are using Mailchimp as our service provider for this walkthrough) but how do you actually go about the business of building a list and what procedures should you use to acquire email addressses?  Here are some options

The sign up form at gigs.  

The good old fashioned way.

The good old fashioned way.

Simply have a clipboard at the merch stall with a sheet of A4 with a couple of fields (name, email address and perhaps postcode if you want geographical data) and ask fans to scribble down their detail.  At a later stage you can add these addresses to your database manually. Easily done but the data still needs to be manually added which can be time consuming and it can be difficult to read drunk fans handwriting!


Chimpadeedo is a free iPad app.

Chimpadeedo is a free iPad app.

This is a Mailchimp app for the iPad which does the same thing.  Very handy however you have to have an iPad ‘spare’ to run the software and what happens when a fans spills their beer on the merch stall?  Ouch!


Mailchimp's WordPress plug-in

Mailchimp’s WordPress plug-in

If you have a WordPress site, Mailchimp provide a plugin which puts a submission form on your blog. Just install and you’re ready to go.

Embedded code

Paste that code!

If you have a HTML based website Mailchimp will create the code which you can copy and paste into a page on your site.

Facebook sign up form

Mailchimp provide an app which sits on the left hand side of your desktop Facebook page.

Mailchimp provide an app which sits on the desktop version of your Facebook page.

Mailchimp have an app which you can embed on your Facebook page.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss ways of boosting the number of subscriber sign ups.