5 Ways To Build An Email List Without Using MP3s

As we’ve mentioned before in this blog, building a mailing list should be a top priority for your music marketing.  A mailing list comprises customer data that you own (unlike your social media followers) and emails generally have a better reach than social media posts.  Offering an MP3 as an incentive to sign up used to be ‘de rigeur’ however since the advent of streaming the value of music is not what it was.  

Creating a mailing list should be your top priority.

Creating a mailing list should be your top priority.

So what other ways are there to ‘incentivise’ people to sign up to your mailshots? Chris Robley at The DIY Musician gives us the following advice:

1) Give Away ‘Physical’ Stuff At Shows.  Get people to sign up to your mailing list at your gigs and give them a tangible product (sticker, pen etc) as a reward.

2) Just Ask.  Like our ‘song sharing’ post yesterday, sometime all you need to do to encourage your fans to do something is ask nicely.

3) Offer Something Another Type Of File A PDF eBook perhaps.  It could be a cookbook, essays, poems, short stories…anything that shows off your creativity.

4) Give Them Exclusivity.  Give subscribers private access to unheard or early versions of songs (easy to do with Soundcloud) or private videos (easy to do on YouTube). 

5) Give Them First Access.  Give subscribers the opportunity (using private Soundcloud and YouTube links) to have early access to your new stuff.

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