How To Get People To Share Your Song

We all want our music to have a bigger audience.  The easiest way to do that is to get your existing fans to pass it on and share it.  Music Think Tank recently published an article showing you some great ways to do that.  Here are my top five of their recommendations.

Here are five great ways to get your fans to share your music.

Here are five great ways to get your fans to share your music.

1) Ask Them.  It’s what people in marketing refer to as a ‘call to action’.  A call to arms. Just be bold and ask your fans nicely, they’ll most probably do it.

2) Use Your Mailing List.  Use a mailshot to alert people of the song (using a YouTube video for example).  Ask your fans to forward the email on to a friend.

3) Run A Competition. Post a song video on social media (Facebook for example), ask people to share and pick a lucky winner for a fab prize.

4) Use a service like Twitmusic to get people to Tweet to ‘unlock’ cover art for the music.

5) Connect With Your ‘Superfans’. Reach out to those fans who reply or comment on every single post or Tweet you make. These ‘hardcore’ fans will go the extra mile and do lots of promo work for you online.  

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