What the heck is a “Call To Action”?

If you’re not getting enough engagement on your social networks then you probably need a stronger “Call To Action”.  If you’re a bassist and have not a clue what I’m on about, a Call To Action (CTA) is an instruction to an audience asking them for an immediate response. You’re asking them to “do something”.  In traditional radio/TV ads you’ll hear phrases like “call now” or “visit a store today”.

A 'CTA' requires a response.

A ‘CTA’ requires a response.

Without a call to action, fans will just read your post on their social network and move on.  Worse still If they don’t react with it on Facebook, it wont show up in other fan’s news feeds.  So what can you do?

  • Ask a question.  Perhaps try one which is relevant to your fan demographic such as “Anyone like the new album/single by XXX band?” but see what works.  A simple “Coke or Pepsi?” question sparked a massive response on my band’s  Facebook page once.
  • Ask for comments?   “We’re thinking of putting XXX track out as a single. Do you agree? Disagree?”
  • Ask for user generated suggestions.  This user submitted content idea is used by radio stations all the time on breakfast shows etc. “Call in and tell us if you’ve ever met a famous person etc”.  You see this all the time on Twitter with things such as “replace a film title with a food” and you have “The Codfather” etc.  Again, find what works best with your demographic. 

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