How Musicians Can ‘Growth Hack’ Their Fanbase

As an artist or musician, the one thing you want is more fans.  Growth hacking is a term used to describe faster than normal accelerated growth. Over at Music Think Tank, Jørn Haanæs has written a great article as to how to independent artists can achieve this using social media.


Growth hacking is a way of getting more fans, quickly.

Here are the main suggestions in the article

Post Strong Visuals

Visual content is king on social media, whether it is photos or graphic design make sure you use high quality visuals which are visually striking.

Use appropriate tags on Twitter & Instagram

Use relevant tags on your posts so people can discover you. Tap into trending topics. Tag the venues where you are playing, blogs and stations who are playing/reviewing your music and whichever influencers and artists are already into your stuff.


Use call to actions

Prompt users into ‘doing something’ after a social media post.  Ask for comments, thoughts after they’ve viewed a video, suggestions etc.  NB Asking for shares and likes on Facebook will see your reach on posts be restricted. Read more about call to actions here.

Limit Your Words

Don’t use too much text in your posts.

Be Creative & Ingenious

Create content that people want to consume and share. Create content about your fans’ interests not just about your music.  This will resonate with them more.


Use Analytics

Use the analytics on each platform to see which of the content you create achieves the best results and then do more of that stuff.

Read the article in full here:

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