Streaming Your Music? You Need An Audio ‘Call To Action’

It’s a fact that more and more people are streaming music rather than buying it which is bad news for you in terms of a loss of ‘traditional’ album revenue. What you therefore need to be doing is turning passive streamers into engaged fans who will come to your shows and buy your other ‘physical’ products (t-shirts and the like).

If you have singles, EPs or albums on streaming platforms/services such as Spotify, Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Soundcloud etc for each release you should record an ‘audio’ call to action which serves as the last track on the release.  As we’ve seen before, a call to action is an instruction given by you which requires an immediate response by your fans. What you’ll do is record a quick, 30 second  message asking listeners to pop over to your website.  

For your next streaming release, record a little 'ad' for your fans.

For your next streaming release, record a little ‘ad’ for your fans.

Obviously, you can change the script to whatever you feel is approprite but something like this:

“thanks for listening to this release…hope you like it…head on over to our website at XXX where you’ll find the latest news, details of our upcoming shows, our online store where you can buy tshrts and sign up to our mailing list” etc.

Record this in the studio so it will fit in ‘sonically’ with the rest of the music you have recorded.

It’s sort of like an advert which your fans will engage with, and an advert that you won’t have to pay to run!

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