Recording An Audio Fan Message – Now Pandora Is Doing It

You might remember a couple of weeks ago, I gave you a tip asking you to record an audio message for your fans to use on your Soundcloud playlists and Spotify EPs/albums.

Recording a little 'ad' for your's a very good idea.

Recording a little ‘ad’ for your fans…it’s a very good idea.

This message would ask people to head on over to your website and whilst there, check out your gigs, online shop etc. Over the weekend, Pandora announced they were going to start using this facility for their streaming music service:

Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren announced a new feature which is likely to excite artists, especially smaller ones with no advertising budgets to promote their tours. It’s a feature called Artist Audio Messaging and it allows artists to speak directly to their fans.

An artist can record a short message to be injected into playlists based around their music. He or she could use it to tell fans in a specific city about an upcoming show, or simply thank them for listening.

I like to think I’m providing you with tips that work and tips you should be implementing…I think this proves it! Stay tuned for more essential marketing tips.
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