Why Facebook Video Should Be Your Marketing Priority

A recent report by Socialbakers confirms why Facebook video should be a major priority for marketing your music.


In a 6 month study of 670,000 posts Socialbakers found that Facebook video posts have double the reach of photos; that means twice as many of your Facebook fans will see a video post compared to a photo post.

Look at the reach of videos compared to other types of posts.

Look at the reach of videos compared to other types of posts.

In summary: if you want fans to see your posts, use Facebook video! 

  • Keep your videos short, ideally between 15 and 30 seconds. Perhaps use ‘talking heads’ to discuss your upcoming gigs and releases rather than a plain old text status.
  • Place your message at the start of the clip (perhaps have a clear title screen for a couple of seconds which details what the video is about


  • Videos will auto play without sound, can you caption your video in such a way that people can get the message with no audio?

Read the full article here:


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