How To Use Video To Help Sell Your Stuff

We mentioned before how Facebook reduces the reach of your overly promotional posts (to get you to pay to boost them) and how Facebook wants to be a video platform. Put simply that means you need to put your sales messages into videos to get the best reach.

Here’s a young Liverpool band The Ambition getting it spot on. I can’t get the video to embed so click on the image below to launch the video in a new window.

Click this image to watch their video.

Click the image above to watch their video.

The video is short, engaging, tells you everything you need to know and more importantly the personality of the band shines through.  It feels like someone passing a message on rather than being pushy and promotional and Facebook will give the message priority over other types of posts.  The band also posted this video on their Twitter feed and at 15 seconds it’s also short enough for Instagram.

Takeaway Tip: Put your ‘sales’ messages into short videos, be engaging, talk direct to the camera and let your personality shine through.

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