Facebook Throttling ‘Overly Promotional’ Posts From News Feeds

Facebook are tweaking their algorithm again.  Following user feedback they are changing how people see posts on their news feed. From January 2015 they are giving more priority to posts that are ‘organic’ and less priority to the ‘hard sell’ promotional stuff.  That means the links you use to get people to buy your music and buy tickets to your gigs.

Facebook is making it harder for you to sell stuff.  Again!

Facebook is making it harder for you to sell stuff. Again!

Facebook says if your posts:

  • Only push people to buy a product or install an app
  • Only push people to enter a promotion
  • Reuse the exact same content from your own adverts

then people are going to be seeing less of those posts.

In some respects, Facebook wants its service to be more of a ‘playground’ and like traditional media.  If YOU wan’t to sell your stuff on there, well, you’re either have to be a little more create with how you go about it (which is what this blog is for!) or you’re going to have to buy more adverts or pay money to force your content into people’s news feeds.

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