What Bill Drummond Learned From Ken Campbell (And What That Means For YOU)

We started this blog with Bill Drumond and The Manual and we’re back with him again today.

The legend that is Bill Drummond.

The legend that is Bill Drummond.

Bill has recently wrote a piece for The Guardian on actor and theatre maverick the late Ken Cambpell and the life lessons that Ken taught him.

Theatre maverick and actor Ken Campbell.

Theatre maverick and actor Ken Campbell.

You should definitely read the article in it’s entireity but here is what you can take away from the article for your music and how to market it:

1) Be heroic. Make sure whatever you do is audacious and intripid. Be prepared to stick your neck on the line and try loads of things that might not work but might pay big dividends if you do.

2) Dream big but them be prepared to do the graft to make it happen.

3) Before you start anything – know exactly what you want out of it. Have a plan for your music and your marketing. A grand lofty ambition of ‘we want to play stadiums’ is never going to happen unless you or someone on your team had a plan as to how you can achieve it. If your ambition is to walk to the North Pole YOU CAN’T GET THERE UNLESS YOU HAVE A MAP, STUPID!

4) Know when to walk away. If something isn’t working, don’t keep flogging a dead horse, be prepared quickly to move on to something new.

5) Be wild. That doesn’t mean go round smashing everything. Make sure everything you do is so exciting, so remarkable, so stimulating and so thought provoking people can’t help talking about it. Is your next video just going to be you playing your instruments. BORING! I might watch it but why should I bother to share it?

Here is the article in full

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