My Album Release Diary: To Spotify Or Not To Spotify?

Whilst it probably doesn’t come under the category of marketing, let’s discuss whether I’m putting my forthcoming album on Spotify .

If you are an artist or band in the mainstream, the publicity and awareness that is generated by the media can generate the number of plays you need to make Spotify plays pay.  As way of an example, Kendrick Lamar is an artist in the mainstream, and he has just received the most ever Spotify plays in a day.   9.6 million plays to be precise.

This fella has had 9.6 million Spotify streams in a day.  Good going.

This fella has had 9.6 million Spotify streams in a day. Good going.

However, for an established niche act such as ourselves with a miniscule fanbase in comparison, having the album instantly on Spotify doesn’t make sense.  Spotify streaming will probably cannibalise albums sales resulting in less revenue.  I’ll therefore attempt to window it’s release on Spotify till next year (after Christmas); we have eight albums up there already, it’s not as if new people just discovering us having nothing to listen to.

That said, I’ll probably put the ‘focus’ track/single up on Spotify, and hopefully I’ll get our lead singer to record a Spotify call to action to go with it.  The focus track is a song about the frontman of a popular band. People searching for that singer on Spotify might get us some clicks/plays.  I’ll also stick the name of the band in the song title too to try and get some curiosity clicks.

Album Progress Update: 

Yesterday, was another full day in the studio, another two days recording in two days time.

The pluggers I emailed on Sunday haven’t replied.  What the?  I’m guessing they don’t want to work with us but really, is that any way to carry on your business?  I’ll tweet them tomorrow and see what the hell they’re playing at.  I’ll probably Google to try and find more plugging options.

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