Should You Market To Your Fans or Non Fans?

We’ve discussed before how about promoting and advertising on Facebook. I think that if you set it up correctly a Facebook ad can be effective but what is the best audience to target? Should you be advertising to your fans or trying to get a new audience by targeting to non fans? Research by Socialbakers suggests you’ll get the best response and more bang for your buck by advertising to existing fans.

Image: Socialbakers

Image: Socialbakers

Whilst targeting some ads to people who aren’t your fans will always be necessary for expanding your audience, promoting engaging content to your existing fans seems the best way to get bang for your buck.

I think the above applies to established artists.  As a rule, I’ve found an 80/20 split for marketing to be an effective one. If you are a new artist starting out, devote 80% of your time and money to obtaining new fans and 20% towards servicing your existing fans. However, if you are an established artist 80% of your marketing should be to your existing fans with the other 20% towards obtaining new fans.

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