How To Promote Your Music Without Annoying Your Fans

It’s sometimes hard to strike a balance when marketing your music.  You need to promote your releases efficiently, but not overly promote them so much that you look desperate and ‘needy’.  

Promote your music too hard and you'll look desperate and needy!

Promote your music too hard and you’ll look desperate and needy!

Tyler Allen over at Sonicbids has recently created an article to show you ways you can strike the right balance.

Adopt The 70-20-10 Rule.
We’ve mentioned this before.  70% of your posts should be about building your brand personality and values, 20% should be networking and only 10% of posts should be asking for sales. This stops things getting too spammy.

Use Different Types Of Media
Rather than constantly spamming URLs to your online shop or iTunes etc. use video clips of you talking to the camera about the release, video clips from your music promo, cover art, ‘out now’ type graphics etc.  Variety is the spice of life.

Boost Your Sales Posts
Facebook limits the organic reach of your posts.  Rather than continually creating sales posts that each have limited reach, boost an existing sale post to giving just one post a higher reach than several smaller posts.

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