Another 70-20-10 Marketing Rule

70 20 10 is a magic formula.  We’ve already talked about it when discussing Coca Cola and how they use it to categorise their marketing activities (from low to high risk).  Sonicbids have recently written an article which disusses how you can use the same numbers with your social media content.

It's all about the proportions of your content.

It’s all about the proportions of your content.

In a nutshell:

70% of your posts should build your brand.  Fun pics, muses, links to other stuff on the web your fans would like. Fun stuff that confirms and identifies who you are.

20% of your posts should be from other artists. Share stuff from other people in your network (bands you have toured with, venues you have gigged at, studios you have recorded at, blogs who have interviewed you).

10% of your posts should be self promotion. Social media is not about constantly singing your own praises and trying to sell your stuff.  Earn the trust of your fans with the other 90% of your content.
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