Use Twitter To Find Out What Else Your Fans Are Into

An Easy Way To Find In your twitter dashboard

We’ve mentioned here before that about 70% of your social media posts shouldn’t be about you and your music, you need to be talking about other topics which are of interest to your followers or help build your brand.   If you’re on Twitter but you’re not tweeting about yourself, what should you be tweeting about? How can you find out what your followers are interested in?   Well, your Twitter ads dashboard gives you a nice simple overview. Firstly, log into your Twitter ads account here

You’ll be greeted with a simple statistics overview page which includes this  ‘Interests’ dashboard.

Here is the list of interests for band's Twitter followers.

Here is a list of interests for my band’s Twitter followers.

This dashboard gives you a nice simple list of topics and their popularity with your fans.  It’s only basic but it gives you a rough idea.  If you want to go into greater depth, look at services like SocialBro which analyses your followers’ profile text to get a more precise list.

Takeaway tip: 70% of your social posts should be about non music related topics.  You can use your Twitter ads management page to find out what interests your fans have other than your music.

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