When Is The Best Time To Send Your Mailouts?

I’m doing some work with a gig promoter and he’s got a Mailchimp mailing list of customers and he asked me when would be the best time to send his monthly mailshots out.

Well, there’s never an easy 100% answer but on average Mailchimp themselves reckon Weekdays are great, Thursdays are best and for hobbies (which I’m assuming music/arts comes under Hobbies) the best time is just before 8am.


Mailchimp's best days for sending mailouts.

Mailchimp’s optimal ‘average’ send time.  Arts seems to be earlier than the average time shown here.

Of course you should always A/B test different days to see which might get the best open rate with your fans (try Monday and Thursday perhaps).  Read the full Mailchimp research here:


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