A Quick Way To Make Animated GIFs

Animated GIFS can be a fun way to entertain or spice up a Twitter newsfeed now and then and here are a couple of easy ways to create and share them.


IMGflip is a site which allows you to create GIFs from your YouTube videos.  The technique of creating small ‘snippets’ of your existing content is a method referred to as ‘atomising’ .  This allows you to recycle material and reuse it on other platforms, it’s something you should do more of.  IMGflip is one of the best sites for creating GIFS  because of its ability to customise the image in terms of dimensions and size and the ease with which you can  accurately set start/end points.


Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow animated GIFS , however you can use Giphy which will create them and allow them to be shared on a Facebook newsfeed.