Beware The ‘Ego’ Retweet

Somebody tweets to tell you that they really like you or your latest track.  Maybe someone has tweeted you to tell your that the gig of yours that they went to at the weekend was outstanding.  That’s a great feeling isn’t it.  Obviously you need to reply and offer your thanks, but you’re going to be tempted to retweet that aren’t you to show that tweet off to your followers.  Nothing gives you more pride and satisfaction than someone singing your praises but I’d ask you to think twice.


By all means retweet if its a genuine, heartfelt compliment but constant ‘ego retweets’ are a terrible sign of vanity and insecurity.  You know you are good, your fans already know that you are good so you shouldn’t feel the need to be constantly reinforcing that message.  You’ll look conceited and if you do it too many times the fans will being turn off.  It smacks of insecurity and you look needy so keep it to a minimum.


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