Press Releases: The Content

Following on from the header of your press release, here is the format you should use for the rest of the information within your press release:


This is where you want to make your announcement (be it a gig or music release).  Give the reader a few clues about the sound of the music or the nature of the event

The Main Body

The next couple of paragraphs need to cover the 5 ‘W’s of journalism:

is this about

What happened (or is about to happen)

Where did it take place (or for a gig where will it take place)

When is it going to happen

Why did it happen

and if need be ‘How’
To ensure maximum press coverage, journalists will often need persuading as to why they should cover the story.  You could do this by mentioning:

  • Praise you have had from well known DJ, artist, producer etc (proofing)
  • A well known guest star on the album (which means this is a newsworthy event)
  • A song that has already received a lot of radio play (proofing!)
  • Whether the album was recorded in a well known studio or with a well known producer (again, which will mean this is newsworthy)

Keep your paragraphs fairly short.  I’d suggest including quotes from yourself that reporters can use “This has been our most challenging album yet” or “I can’t wait to play such as legendary city as Manchester”.  It might seem odd writing as though you’re being interviewed yourself but you’ll soon get the hang of it and it saves people the effort of having to ring you up.


The Last Section
The last paragraph should be a brief biography/overview of the band.

Then include your contact details (email, web address, phone social media etc).

Take a look at this press release.  It is a really good example which covers everything we’ve discussed here.  


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