Should Musicians Advertise On Facebook?

Facebook has a massive user base of over a billion users, nearly five times as many users as Twitter (source) but should you ever pay to advertise yourself or your music on Facebook?  Why would you ever want to?  Well, by paying for a Facebook ad you can achieve more page likes, get more views for a Facebook post (which could be one of your music videos on YouTube video) or you can advertise to send people to your website etc.

Facebook advertising can target your music to new potential fans.

Without wishing to scare you Facebook knows where all its users lives and what kind of music they like.  You can use this and define custom define audiences to advertise to.  For example you could target heavy metal fans who live in London or female folk music fans who live anywhere in the United Kingdom.  You can even advertise your page to the friends of people who already like your page.  If you have an email mailing list, you can target those people with ads on Facebook (perhaps to remind these commited fans you have an album on pre-order).   With so may options  it could be a cost effective part of your marketing spend.  My two cents?  Well, I’d certainly give it a try.  For more information there is a great introductory article on Songcast here.

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