Effective Ways To Promote Your Gigs On Social Media

When you are touring as well as an all encompassing tour poster, you should create digital flyers for each and every gig that you play and post them to social media. This gives each date individual exposure.

Striking JPG posters should be part of your online marketing strategy for gigs.

Striking JPG posters should be part of your online marketing strategy for gigs.

For Twitter, ask your followers who live in or around that geographic lo cation to retweet them (and if they do, reply and thank them).

On Facebook, things are a little tricker.  You can certainly target posts to geographical locations but I’ve found that people who live in different parts of the country will want to alert/tag Facebook friends who live near your future gig to let them know you are playing near them.  So, you’ll do an generall post to all your Facebook users.  The trouble is unless your post receives a lot of engagement (comments and likes) Facebook downgrades the post and won’t show it to that many people.  Put simply, you’ve got to get a response from your fans about this gig to effectively spread the word.  How do you do it?  Along with the digital flyer, in the text of your post ask one of the following questions:

  • Who is coming to the gig?
  • Who is EXCITED that you are coming to their town?
  • We fancy a pre/post show drink, where should we go?
  • We’ll be hungry, what are the best restaurants/eateries in the city?

You could even get your fans to to compile you a playlist of famous bands/musicians from that part of the world for the drive.

You can use each one of these questions as you repost your flyers to Twitter.  Give it a try and see what response you get.

Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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