Good Publicity Ideas For Bands

We saw yesterday how ‘stunts’ aren’t always the best way for a band to gain publicity. Here are a couple of ideas which should work well and help you gain that all important press attention.

1) Play gig in an an unusal place. Flashmobs? This isn’t 2001 you know so I’d suggest that a performance that is a little more planned and structured will reap better rewards. Gigs held in unusual places (think The Beatles on the top of the Apple building or U2 on top of a liquor store in Los Angeles).

U2 filmed their 'Streets Have No Name' video on the top of a liquor store.

U2 filmed their ‘Streets Have No Name’ video on the top of a liquor store.

The venue could be church yard, library, bus station, museum… anywhere you haven’t heard music before and wouldn’t expect to hear it, that is the place to seek out. Ask permission and get clearance, invite your fans, invite the local press and record the gig for future publicity.

2) Hide copies of your new/unreleased music in unsual places.   You can then give clues via social media for your fans to find them. Let the press know about the treasure hunt.

3) Arrange to help out at a local charity for a day. There’s nothing wrong with charity gigs however something a little more unusual is probably a little more newsworthy.  Pledge your support to a local community project and encourage all your fans to join the band helping out for a day. Tell the press and ask for coverage. You’ll be putting something back AND helping your career too.

If you can think of any other good stunts that you know of or have tried, post them on our Facebook/Twitter.

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