How Much Time Should You Devote To Marketing?

How much time to you devote to marketing your music compared to all your other musical activities? For me, all artists should have a rule of thirds when proportioning the time they spend on their music:

33% Marketing and promotion
33% Writing and recording
33% Gigging and rehearsing
You need to spend 33% of your time on marketing.

You need to spend 33% of your time on marketing.
If you’re not devoting at least 33% of your time to your marketing (and ultimately revenue generation) you are undermining all the foundations laid by your writing, recording, rehearsing and performing.  You could write the next Sgt Pepper but noone will get to hear it.  You could give the gig or your life and noone is there to see it.  All this because you didn’t spend enough time effectively getting the word out.

I’ll admit, it’s not a sexy as the other parts of being a musician but your marketing is every bit as important as the music itself (if not more so).  If you’re not allocating 33% of your time to it already, you need to make that change now.

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