What Can A Food Takeaway Teach You About Marketing?

There is a fast food takeaway not so far from me, Mister Eaters that has earned international media recognition because of the weird and wonderful food creations they create.

The media loves a publicity stunt.

The media loves a publicity stunt.

From Christmas trees made out of chips to the world’s largest Ferrero Rocher their food stunts have earned them TV, newspaper and radio coverage.  For a humble fish and chip shop, that is really good going.

Mister Eaters has received coverage in all these outlets, that's good going.

Mister Eaters has received coverage in all these outlets, that’s good going.

So what you should take from this?

Firstly, to get noticed and for people to talk about you need to be remarkable.  Your music or the marketing activities you use to promote your music needs to be extraordinary. Is your music so exceptional and surprising that people simply have to share it to their friends?  Are your music videos so ingenious or so intriguing that people will pass them along to their friends? Unfortunately, too many people make unremarkable music and lack the imagination to think of newsworthy marketing strategies to help publicise themselves.

So, ask yourself if your music is up to scratch? Then, think about ways to promote yourself which will make people sit up and take notice and earn you that coverage.

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