10 Secrets Of Social Media For Musicians

The veritable Dave Kusek (MIDI pioneer and former teacher at Berklee College of Music) has recently authored a post for Hypebot where he gives us his thoughts on social media.  It’s a great back to basics boot camp.

Dave Kusek, he knows his stuff.

Dave Kusek, he knows his stuff.

You should read the article in full but here are the main points:

1) Listen to your fans. What do they do with their lives, what else they get up to.
2) It’s online and offline. Find out how to get online fans engaged in the real world and vice versa.
3) Write posts yourself. Everything needs YOUR authentic voice.
4) Start conversations.
5) Be genuine.
6) It’s 80/20. 80% entertainment, 20% selling.
7) Use social to drive people to your website.
8) You don’t have to do ALL the social channels.
9) Pick the channels that relevant to you and your music.
10) Make your channels unique. Don’t post the same stuff to all them.
Read the full article here:



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