2015: Social Video Is Now A Priority For Your Music Marketing

2015 looks like being the year when you’re going to need to be on top of using video for marketing your music.  Here’s why:

  • Facebook is now throttling more of your overtly ‘selling’ posts i.e. the ones that say “Buy this single now”.  Your fans are going to see less of them in your newsfeed.  Instead, perhaps concentrate on using short (less than 30 seconds) Facebook videos to give people the same information.  This is likely to have better visibility on News Feeds.
  • Facebook is starting to make its Videos page more like a YouTube channel page with a Featured video and playlists.
The new style Facebook Video page.

The new style Facebook Video page.

  • You should use playlists to categorise your Facebook videos (ballads, heavy hitters, covers etc.).


  • Twitter is about to start letting users record, edit and post video from within its app.

Your videos don’t all need to be broadcast quality, get into the habit of using your phone to record and edit video and upload the results to your channels.


Got any questions about this post or how you can better market yourself?

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