How To Make An Effective Pitch To The Press

Yesterday we looked at some tips about how to get press coverage without a PR company.  Music journalist Jhoni Jackson has written a great article at Sonicbids that looks at ways that you can refine your ‘pitch’ so that you stand a better chance of getting that coverage.

  1. Make sure you give enough details. Make sure your press release contains a bio, photo, links to music.  Don’t be vague, be factual and precise.
  2. Don’t swamp the pitch with too much info.  There’s no need for everyone’s life story.
  3. Don’t make excuses. You shouldn’t be apologising for the quality of the music you are sending or your photos.  If something isn’t good enough then you’re not ready.
  4. Don’t undersell ourself.  If you have a strong social media following but little press, use that as leverage to try and get the press you deserve.
  5. Don’t overload the hyperbole.  Claiming that you’re the best band there has ever been isn’t going to end well.

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