Getting Press Coverage Without A PR Company

Music PR specialist Amy Sciarretto has written a great blog over at Sonicbids giving tips for getting your own press coverage if you’re a new band starting out without a PR company.

We all love a bit of media coverage.

We all love a bit of media coverage.

I think these are good tips for any band, however long you’ve been going:

1) Start local: befriend local press radio and music promoters.  Build local connections and sometimes these people move up the ‘chain’ and you’ll have a friend in a high place.
2) Be determined, but not to the point of being annoying.
3) Do something free for the local scene: write a free column in the local press or play a free show.
4) Attempt a small, national press campaign; target the recipients, say something different and exciting.
5) Be professional.
6) Make sure whoever has been given the task is doing it is up to the job.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at how to ‘pitch’ effectively to the press.

Read the article in full here

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