Is What You Do Remarkable?

Music producer and artist Trevor Jackson is releasing a musical project/album whereby 12 compositions are released across 12 different formats, each containing a different track.  The formats include cassette, 8 track, reel to reel and VHS.   Wow.

12 analogue formats for Trevor Jackson's 'album'.

12 analogue formats for Trevor Jackson’s ‘album’.

You can argue the practicalities of such a move however the release has garnered a lot of coverage in the media.  Coverage in the media is something you’d like more of isn’t it?  The best way to go about it?  Well, let’s get down to brass tacks, the best way to attract media attention is:

  • Write/create/produce music that is so remarkable it gets people talking.
  • Sell or promote it in ways that are remarkable to get people talking.

It sounds easy enough but most music by independent artists doesn’t have the pizazz and wow factor that makes people sit up and pay attention.  So, you’ve got to make sure whatever you do has that ‘sizzle’ and if your music doesn’t have it , you’ve got to find a way to promote it in such a way that people have GOT to talk about you.

The bottom line: if you want more coverage and media attention: your music either has to be remarkable or the way you sell or promote it has to be remarkable.

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