The Twitter Top 10

Social posting site Buffer has recently created a great ‘back to basics’ top 10 for social media.

Everyone loves a Top 10.

Everyone loves a Top 10.

Here’s my take on that top 10 with a view to using it for Twitter.

1) Post content that people will love and will want to engage with.

2) Have a good bio with appropriate links and current/relevant info (Are you on tour? Do you have a new release to promote?).

3) Use hashtags that people will search for (or that other Twitter accounts promote/RT).

4) Place a widget on your website that allows users to follow you from there.

5) Engage/chat to other Twitter users.

6) Make sure your content (i.e gig listings on from your website) is easily shareable on social media.

7) Share other people’s content.

8) Engage with influencers i.e. music people (blogs, Djs etc.) who have more followers than you.

9) Be an active poster.

10) Follow other people back.

Read the full article here


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