How To Deal With The ‘Haters’

At sometime or another, you’re bound to run into people online who take a dislike to what you do and create mischief and mayhem posting things which aren’t to your liking.

Haters gonna hate, but there are ways to deal with them.

Haters gonna hate, but there are ways to deal with them.

Over at the Sonicbids website, music business author Bobby Borg has written an article about how to deal with the ‘haters’.  You should read it in full, but here are the main points:

  • Blank them. Haters thrive on the oxygen of publicity. If you don’t respond, chances are they’ll lose interest.
  • Empathise.  Music preference is subjective so tell them that you appreciate that
    your music isn’t going to be for everyone.  (With my band, I’m very self deprecating with a “yeah, it’s rubbish isn’t it” attitude which knocks the wind out of their sails).
  • Go ‘judo’. Judo is a martial arts where opponent’s attack is used as an opportunity to unbalance and defeat them.  Use their attack as an opportunity to remind your fans of how good you are.  Whether you encourage your fans to ‘defend’ you and go on the attack is up to you.
  • “Not in my house”. Remind your haters that your social media bases are appropriate places for you and your fans to engage with each other in a civil manner.  Negative vibes are not tolerated.
  • Block them. If things persist, “nuke ‘em” and block them.
  • Consider it a badge.  If you’re getting haters, you must be doing ‘something’ right!


Remember, you can use monitoring to see what people are saying about you in places other than your own social media. See our earlier post here.

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