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This little tip is for UK artists/bands (not seen it in any other countries, but I could be wrong) and it concerns Twitter hours.  Twitter hours are very busy realtime discussions based around promoting businesses and activites in a specific town or city.

Twitter Hours are an untapped source of promotion for musicians.

Twitter Hours are an untapped source of promotion for musicians.

They take place weekly at a designated day/time. People who post to the Twitter hour use the relevant hashtag (i.e. #ManchesterHour) during the 60 minutes that it takes place (for #ManchesterHour it is Thursday 8-9pm).  All posters are encouraged to mutually re-tweet each others posts. If you are playing a town/city and are looking for exposure it’s a great way of getting yourself noticed.

Here’s how to use it yourself:

  • Search Twitter to see if a town/city you are playing soon has a Twitter hour.
  • See if the hour has an official Twitter account, if so tweet directly to that account (so they will can RT), if not just use the hashtag at the start of your tweet.
  • Tweet details of your gig including Twitter handle of the venue you are playing and include YouTube video in your link. You’ll be reaching people who might not have heard of you before so a link to your best YouTube/video song will be more useful than a ticket link.
  • Tweet every week in the run up to the gig with a different video and tweet just a flyer and a link to tickets in the week before.

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