How To Use Social Proofing To Sell More Stuff

This post is going to encourage you to get your fans to leave good reviews for your music on iTunes and Amazon.

Imagine the following scenario. You’re browsing Amazon as you’re looking to buy a bluetooth speaker for your phone. You’ve found two different products; similar price, similar specifications. One product has no customer reviews or ratings, whereas the other has 400 reviews (mostly glowing) and a 4.5/5 rating. You’re going to choose to buy the second one aren’t you! This is down to ‘social proofing’ a phenomenon whereby the actions and choices of others influence our own decisions.

Social proofing in action.

Social proofing in action.

In the hypothetical scenario I’ve just given you, you have no information on the first product but plenty of ‘good’ information on the second.  Our brains use that as ‘proof’ that buying the second speaker is a better option.

So, back to your music which is probably for sale on Amazon and iTunes. People might be looking at it right now thinking ‘Should I buy it?’. Well, if there are plenty of reviews for your releases by your fans then this will hopefully be the proofing that your new purchasers need to take the plunge.

The title of this Elvis album is 'social proofing'!

The title of this Elvis album is ‘social proofing’!

You should therefore encourage your fans to leave reviews on your music. You can enter everyone who leaves a review into a prize draw to motivate people to do so.

Warning: Don’t sock puppet, create ‘false IDs’ and give yourself glowing reviews. They’re fairly easy to spot and make you look desperate.

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