5 Ways To Get Your Fans Engaged

There are lots of ways to get your fans engaged and interacting with you both on and offline.

Fan engagement is important for any artist.

Fan engagement is important for any artist.

In a recent article, CD Baby listed five for you to try:

1) Cover song requests.  Fans like to be active and involved in your music creation.  This a great way for this to happen.

2) Create a set list.  Get your fans to choose what you play live.

3) Photobooth.  Create a ‘photoboot’ with a ‘zap stand’ by your merchstall.  Get your fans to take pictures with you there which they will share on social media.

4) Fan created art in a music video.  Get fans to submit artwork which you use as visuals to accompany a track online.

5) Contests.  In my personal experience, fans REALLY love contents.  They create tons of engagement on Facebook and boost your reach.

Give at least one of them a try.  Read the full article here:


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