Tips For Better Band Newsletters

Band emails should be your preferred way of contacting your fans, and you should be constantly looking at ways to build up your mailing list.

You should be using emails to contact your fans each and every month.

You should be using emails to contact your fans each and every month.

Today we’re going to look at best practice and the content that you should be putting in those band emails to fans.   These tips come from Hugh McIntyre at Sonicbids:

1) Create a regular schedule. End of the month, start of the month.  Nominate a time and stick tyo it as best you can so it becomes routinme for you and your fans

2) Have a theme.  Have a format/visual design , stick to it and make sure it fits your ‘brand’.

3) Summarise the contents/main points of the email at the start. It’s good journalistic practice and people want this ‘signposted’ information to tell them to carry on reading.

4) Make sure there is a point to your email.  Getting people to a gig, getting them to watch a video.  There should always be one or more calls to action in every email.

5) Don’t make it ‘text’ heavy.  If you’ve got lots to say on a topic, link to an external post on your website.

6) Make it mobile friendly.  Most people will read it on a mobile device so make sure your newsletter provider can send ‘responsive’ emails that adapt to different devices.
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