10 Etiquette Tips For Better Band Emails

Over at Getintothis, Simon Pursehouse gives you some handy tips on creating better band emails, the emails that you’ll send to blogs, press, media etc. You should read the post in full but here is a condensed version of his tips:

Use these tips to send more professional band emails.

Use these tips to send more professional band emails.

1) Personalise it. Peruse the person’s Twitter feed etc and if there’s anything you can throw in there that shows you already have a close interest in that person, that will help.

2) Craft a good, descriptive subject line.


4) Check spelling and grammar.

5) Have a good email signature. Include your name, band name, mobile, email address, social addresses, website address.

6) Make sure it’s plain text and rich text compatible.

7) If you are sending multiple copies make sure you don’t CC when you should be BCCing.

8) Follow up correctly. If you’re chasing up a reply, from an earlier email, include the earlier email at the bottom of the chaser email

9) Don’t mark it as ‘High Priority’ if it isn’t.

10) Never include attachments, just Dropbox, Souncloud or YouTube links.

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Check out the article in full here


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