Why Do People Unfollow You On Twitter?

Your aim is to build a committed following on your social networks however you might find that you ‘shed’ as many Twitter followers as you gain.  Buffer conducted some research over the reasons why people unfollow users on Twitter and you should take notice of the results.

The main reasons why people 'unfollow' a Twitter account.

The main reasons why people ‘unfollow’ a Twitter account.

So your takeaway tips from this:

1) Don’t fire out a load of Tweets at once. It annoys people.  Pace them out manually or schedule them using Hootsuite or my favourite Buffer.

2) Keep ‘on topic.  Tweet about what your band ‘brand’ is about.  You should know what that is.

3) Stop it with the boring stuff.  No One is interested in what you had for breakfast.  Make sure all your social media content is about engaging the fans, building the brand or bringing them closer to you and your music.
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