My Album Release Diary: How Am I Going To Market This Album?

So, exactly what activities am I going to use to let fans and non fans know that my band is about to release an album in eight weeks time?

Here's the stuff I'll be doing to let people know about our next release.

Here’s the stuff I’ll be doing to let people know about our next release.

Well, not counting any of the things I’ll be doing on our social media accounts, off the top of my head I’ll be doing the following:

  • Lyric video
  • Green screen music video. If you’re time poor like we are, these are good.
  • Possibly a plugger feeding a focus track/single to radio. Depends how much it costs.
  • At least one BBC local radio interview. Maybe more, we’ll have to see
  • Sending CD sent to presenters at radio stations where we’ve had success/playouts before. Nine years in, for me no use sending them to people who haven’t played us previously.
  • In store appearance at a local record store.
  • Appearance in hometown doing acoustic performanc.e
  • I’ll probably try and find some blogs to send the album to. Blogs have never really been interested in what we do. I’ll research and see what’s what.
  • I’ll probably send promo copies of the album to newspapers of towns where we are touring, a tour/album promotional combo might work.
  • Paid ads on Facebook, possibly Twitter and YouTube.

Lots to do then!

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