My Album Release Diary: Getting Off To A Dodgy Start

So, I’m blogging about the release of my band’s forthcoming album.  The release is eight weeks away, what things are already causing me to have butterflies in my stomach?

I’ve Started A Little Too Late

You always need more time.  Always.I’ve had to book two extra days in the studio as the tracks aren’t finished which has pushed the album end date (before mastering) by a couple of weeks. Arrrgh! The release is tied in with the start of our tour and the tour an an immovable feast.  So, previously I had a large window where I could sit back and relax.  Not any longer, I’m going to have to hope that every logistical element goes well or we won’t make the release deadline.  Lots of press need the album 6-8 weeks before release, it’s eight weeks away and it’s not finished being recorded.  Oh well!

Everyone makes mistakes, here are the ones I have made so far.

Everyone makes mistakes, here are the ones I have made so far.

I’ve Not Been ‘Blogging’ From The Studio

Whilst you’re in the studio, you should be creating materials which will help you raise awareness of the release during the pre-sales peroid.  Teaser-y videos (performances, interviews), snaps of people with microphones… that type of thing.  Alas, I’ve been too busy overseeing the recording process.  We’ve still got five more days in the studio so there’s plenty time to make up for it.

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